Perfect Drug Rehab Options for You Now

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The county council and municipalities cooperate with regard to the care and treatment of people who have addiction or abuse. If you have addiction or addiction and need help, contact your GP or a suspect.

If a person refuses care

Dependence and abuse is a major public health problem. It is your right to get help from your abuse. Care and treatment should always be done in agreement with you and you are always involved in planning your treatment.

Search help at the health center

Contact your healthcare center if you are worried about how your habits affect your health. There you can afford advice on lifestyle and self-help. If your workplace is connected to occupational healthcare, you can also contact them.

Find help with your local deprivation receipt

The county council and municipalities in the county have joint local deprivation receptions. Here you can get help with:

  • Advice and information
  • Counseling
  • Detoxification and treatment

Training in preventing relapses.

At the reception centers, doctors and nurses work with specialist training, psychologists, alcohol therapists and social workers. You can call you directly and book a time. Often there are dependency receptions that have emergency times and drop in visits.

There are also dependency receptions with special care, for example, for drug addicts, pregnant or want help preventing relapses.

Dependencies for young people

The county council is responsible for the medical care, while the municipalities have ultimate responsibility for getting the support and assistance you need. For example, through social services in the municipality you can get:

  • Different support measures
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Care at treatment homes.
  • There is also special group activity for children of parents with substance abuse problems.

First, Social Security Officer makes an investigation

When you contact the social services in the municipality you will talk to a social secretary. The Social Security Officer will investigate your problems by asking questions about your addiction and your life situation in general. Sometimes the investigation needs to be supplemented with assessments from, for example, a doctor at the depot reception. The purpose of the investigation is to get an overall picture of your life situation in order to offer you the right treatment. For more on this you can make a visit to now.

When the Social Security Officer has come up with your needs for treatment and treatment, you have made a decision. You then make a plan for care and treatment. If you are not satisfied with the assistance you are offered, you may appeal the decision.

Here you will find contact information for the social services in your municipality.

Support for relatives

Even you who are related to someone with addiction problems may need help. Dependent receptions offer inter alia family education. You can also get advice and support in individual calls. There is no requirement for your relative to participate in treatment. Turn to your nearest deprivation center.